Candy Crush Saga – A game loved by millions worldwide


candy Crush Saga, without a doubt, is one of the most loved games in the entire planet, considering that the game has a million downloads in almost every country in the world, who has never received an invitation from a friend to play? Let's get to know a little more about the game that conquered everyone!

There are games, very important when it comes to entertaining, or even passing the time, especially when we are waiting for assistance, these games tend to help a lot to pass the time, perhaps that is why their success is so appalling nowadays!


To play candy Crush Saga it is almost 100% intuitive, any user who downloads the game can start playing almost instantly, all through intuition, because the game was developed exactly for that, to be simple, fast and intuitive, in addition to being super fun.

candy Crush Saga
Image: (Google) Candy Crush Saga

Features of Candy Crush Saga 

It is considered one of the best challenge games and also one of the most relaxing and fun! With it, it is possible to combine and pop wonderful candies, so that way and passing the stage, and with each stage passed, the challenge becomes bigger and more immersive.

The game has a frightening number of "1 trillion" levels that have been played, these combinations are really very relevant, as it is the most famous mobile game of all time on the internet, and also in the world of applications, of course. Candy Crush Saga is the king of its category!

It is possible to combine the sweets playing in a very fun way, advancing level by level, for this reason, you have to think fast and make super smart moves, in order to win the famous delicious rainbow cascades, and also the sweets that come in combos, are really sensational!

Main highlights of Candy Crush Saga game

It's such an immersive game, that whenever we finish playing it, we feel like we want to play some more. It's a super updated game, as it updates its levels every two weeks, so as not to lose the novelty aspect. It's worth staying tuned for updates!

It is possible to win several prizes in the game, for this you just need to spin the daily roulette wheel of the famous "Busters", to win fantastic and delicious prizes. , which will help you pass the levels.

The sugary challenges are very interesting, as you don't need to reach a minimum score, in order to clear the gelatine, and be able to access greater challenges through the ingredients and with some specific requests. And the most fun is being able to play with your friends in real time.

app details

  • Fast, easy and free.
  • Immersive, fun, in addition to being super intuitive and with a clean interface.
  • It is possible to play between friends in real time over the internet.
  • It is possible to sync the game with other devices.
  • For more frequent users, it is possible to buy some options.
  • It is the most accessed game in the world, one of the most delicious candy combiners.

Playing games on mobile can be addictive

This is an interesting point, because it really is a fun and very good game to pass the time, in addition to being a way of interacting with friends who are connected to the internet, however, you have to be careful, because every action that takes place becomes repeated, it can become an addiction.

First, you need to make a sincere assessment, are you leaving something to play? Do you stop eating or even forget to do your daily work to play? It is necessary to ask these and other questions to understand if the game is being entertainment or if the user is already addicted.

You can't cover the sun with a sieve, there are people who are addicted to games, be they consoles, applications, online platforms, or even games available on social media, which is why you have to be careful if you are becoming addicted to games, seek medical help.

How to download the app

If the user wants to take advantage of all the advantages of Candy Crush Saga, he just needs to go to his accredited application store, in the case of iPhones the store is the Apple Store, in the case of cell phones with Android system, the store is the Play Store, then just type the app name in the search.

The application will appear as the first option, considering that it already has millions of downloads, as well as millions of reviews as well, it is a super known and safe application, just download and install and have fun! Everything is done very quickly and easily!

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