Good News – Here's One For You Too


How about having access to good news? That's right, considering that we usually only have access to tragic, bad news, nothing better than having access to news that will make you have a much better day! Incidentally, the major communication vehicles should consult this platform.

We live in a time when open TV channels, in order to have an audience, tend to show only tragic and shocking news, in order to keep the audience, however, we live in a time when everything is changing, and the great fans, is that this profile also changes.


good news give an audience? The answer is yes! Because a new generation is coming, and they have neither the patience nor the will to access bad news through the old means of communication, which is why they consume news in a very different way from most older people.

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Good news – The platform

Through the site "Só Good News", you can have access to news that will brighten your day, as well as build your moment, so that we can create a new habit, the habit of wanting to hear positive news, not that the news bad news doesn't exist, but it's worth remembering that legal news also exists.

Speaking of news, we can ask the following, do I really need to know everything open TV and conventional media want to show me? Could it be that everything that is shown on television, the tragic moments, accidents, earthquakes, corruption, is all of this good for me and do I really need to know about it on a daily basis?

You see, we are not hiding what is bad in the world, but without a doubt, we do not need to know exactly everything that is bad in the world at all times, it is a technique to shock people to get more audience, and in this way sell more commercials, and earn more money, it is worth remembering that TVs are companies, and that they need to make a profit.

Good news – The unifying power

In the same way that bad news has the power to spread, given that human beings tend to spread bad news, whether true or false, positive news can and should also be spread, because only then will we change this habit.

Have you ever imagined, starting the day accessing your cell phone, and having news such as the new vaccine that can cure AIDS, or even the discovery of a cure for cancer, or even the discovery of a new planet where life can be housed the way we know, it would be nice, wouldn't it?

Have you ever imagined, starting your day, reading the news that a child who had leukemia was completely healed? Or even receive tips on how to take care of your garden, or how to improve your human relationships, whether with family, friends or even your wife. It would be nice wouldn't it?

Advantages of accessing the platform

  • First, educate your mind to receive uplifting news daily.
  • Improve your day, especially when you wake up, having access to uplifting news.
  • Educating your children to access more intelligent news than bad news, thus forming more balanced adults.
  • Another interesting advantage, in addition to accessing the good news, if it is real, is sharing it, because the good also needs to be shared.

Why bad news goes viral

Firstly, it is necessary to understand that we were educated to worship bad news, that is, we unconsciously like to hear shocking news, but this was taught to us, that is why we need to be careful with our children and teach them to worship the good news.

We human beings, culturally, have a tendency to focus more on bad news as well as spreading it, have you noticed, that people are happy to give bad news, like: "so-and-so died", did you hear", "wow ! today there was a very bad accident on the avenue!”, and so on.

However, it is a matter of learning, and the new generation, which is no longer so connected to conventional news media, is already starting to change this paradigm, we hope that in the coming decades we will have healthier means of communication, as well as more viewers. smarter and more inquisitive.

How to download healthy apps

Today, in accredited virtual stores, there is a wide variety of healthy applications, such as meditation applications, applications to develop intelligence or even applications to take care of plants or build gardens. We really live in a very interesting era.

In the same way that there are addictive applications, such as destruction games in which people spend hours and hours playing, there are applications that can collaborate with human beings in their daily lives. To access new apps, visit our apps category.

Good luck!

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