How to buy a car at a discount being MEI


How to buy a car at a discount being MEI? Is it really true? Can entrepreneurs who use the MEI system, that is, individual microentrepreneurs, really be able to buy cars with up to 30% discount? We will see throughout the article all the details and all the information.

Having a car nowadays is essential, considering that urban mobility often forces us to have a vehicle, so that we can move around freely, as well as respond to emergencies that may appear in our homes and businesses.


That's why the question; ”How to buy a car at a discount being MEI”, is a reason for great demand by entrepreneurs who use this taxation system, in view of the facilities that the government makes available for the purchase of vehicles, with the aim of encouraging small entrepreneurs.

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How to buy a car at a discount being MEI

If you are self-employed, and have a company registered as MEI, you need to know that buying a car is much easier! However, few users know this information. For this reason, stay tuned for the details in this article so you can understand the whole process.

It is worth remembering that it is necessary to research the automakers that offer these discounts, as they can reach up to 30%, the current automakers that offer this discount are Renault, Fiat and Volkswagen and Chevrolet. There are factory direct discounts as well.

Another detail that needs to be highlighted is that not all cars at dealerships are available for these discounts, but there is a list of vehicles that accept this type of discount, so it's always good to check and ask.

How to buy a car at a discount being MEI in Brazil

The company that sells the most cars with discounts to micro-entrepreneurs in Brazil is Fiat, it has a percentage of 26.61%, second in terms of sales to micro-entrepreneurs with a discount is Volkswagen with more or less 18.35%.

Other manufacturers also offer discounts with Ford, Citroen, Jeep, Hyundai, Jack, Peugeot, Mitsubishi, Nissan and even Toyota, but they are very specific cars, and I need to visit the dealership and ask for the list to find out which cars can be purchased. with discount.

If you are not a MEI, you need to look for the competent bodies, to know all the basic requirements to become an individual micro-entrepreneur, everything is very simple, quick and easy, and few documents are required for you to become a MEI.

How to get the discount

When buying the vehicle, you must inform the dealership that the vehicle will be for the exclusive use of your company, in this way all car documentation will be fully linked to your company. It is worth remembering that if you buy the car at a discount, you must keep it for at least one year, that is, you will not be able to negotiate the vehicle before that period.

Once you have all the documentation referring to your company, being MEI, you can go to any dealership mentioned in this article, and request your car at a discount, as there is no grace period or anything like that.

As everything in life has advantages and disadvantages, the disadvantage of this process is that the car can take up to 50 days to reach your hands. It is worth remembering that the micro-entrepreneur needs to have all the documents necessary for the transaction, as it is necessary to prove that there are resources to purchase the vehicle.

Discount car features

  • You have to be an individual microentrepreneur.
  • It is necessary to prove everything through documents and it is also necessary to show that it is possible to pay for the car through the company.
  • Discount of up to 30% on Vehicles.
  • Delivery time up to 50 days.
  • You must keep your vehicle for at least one year, that is, you cannot trade it before that period.

Is it worth buying a car for business?

This is the "X" of the question, because many people want to buy a car for a company at a discount, but for personal use, it is necessary to understand that this discount is to encourage the growth of micro-enterprises in Brazil, not to use the car in everyday life family staff.

Really, many of them need several vehicles to be able to work, so the discounts are very welcome now, if the car is for personal use, the tip is to buy a car for personal use, in view of the impediments that the car stops company owns.

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