How to Get a Paid Internship


You sure know someone, or even been an intern at a certain company, no? Such positions are usually occupied by students, who take on a smaller position in a given company, which in turn, in addition to having a lower monthly salary, also has a low workload.

Although in this article we focus mainly on paid interns, there are still those who are only in this position, because it is mandatory. But anyway, an intern, holding such a position, manages to gain more experience and practice in a certain branch of the labor market, in which he is interested.


To make everything as easy and practical as possible, many always opt for intern positions in companies that are close to their home, or even the educational institution they regularly attend, but this is not always something easy to find.

Therefore, if you want to know in more detail what an intern is all about, in addition to wanting to get some information and also tips on how to get a paid internship, we suggest that you continue reading this brief and explanatory article.

How to Get a Paid Internship?

As we said earlier in this article, finding an internship vacancy that fits all your conditions and needs is really not an easy thing. For this reason, it is essential that you always be aware of all the opportunities that exist.

But in addition, you should consider some other tips, such as:

Tip 1: Be registered in a specialized app

Although it seems new to many people, many are already registered in applications specialized in presenting open job vacancies, in accordance not only with their region, but also with their requirements, which must be presented at the time of registration.

With these apps, you constantly receive notifications that let you know when there is a vacancy of interest to you.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that there are thousands of companies throughout Brazil, registered in these applications, that is, there will be no lack of opportunity.

Check out some suggestions for such apps:

  • InfoJobs;
  • Super Internships.

It is worth noting that social networking groups, such as Facebook, are also a good alternative for finding internships at large companies.

Tip 2: Have a good resume

When you are applying for a good job vacancy, in which there are several interested candidates, the company will definitely give preference to the best resume.

What is an Intern?

Although we have previously highlighted a definition for the intern, it is still important to present some of its outstanding characteristics.

The intern, as you already know, is a contractor for a company, which in turn has a smaller position, therefore, does not have as extensive a workload as the other employees.

Hiring an intern is temporary, however, it cannot be less than six months.

In addition, if the young person presents positive results with his work, the company can hire him, making him a permanent employee, which, in addition, will result in a higher remuneration and also, a higher workload.

Although some are interns only while they are in higher education, it is allowed to hold such a position, even when in high school.

A fundamental piece of information that should be highlighted is that, while not being hired, an intern does not have a registration with Pis-Pasep, in addition to that he is not entitled to vacation and also, 13th.

Some issues that the company you work for takes into account when hiring are:

  • Creativity;
  • good communication;
  • flexibility;
  • analysis capacity;
  • leadership;
  • good interpersonal relationship;
  • Ease of working in a team.

It is important to say that the workload of an intern should not interfere with his/her school schedule.

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