iOS 15 iPhone – New Feature For Brazilians


Thinking about improving the relationship between Brazilians and advertising SMS, the new iOS 15 iPhone system arrives in the country with functions that combat the famous spam, which are electronic messages, sent by email or cell phone, without the user's authorization.   

Unfortunately, Brazil is one of the countries with a high rate of complaints about this type of advertising, but it is not the only one. For this reason, Apple's new cell phone system features this feature that combats “class 0” SMS, which we will explain in more detail later on.


This type of function offered by the new system iOS 15 iPhone clashes with telephone operators, who usually take advantage of this type of SMS to send various advertisements to customers. Learn more about this news in the next topics!

Find out why the new iOS 15 iPhone system is revolutionary for Brazilians

It is not uncommon for reports of users who are surprised by messages from their cell phone operator at any time of the day. The SMS simply appears on the customer's screen, with some type of advertising or offering internet packages for purchase. 

In some cases, the consumer ends up contracting services without paying attention to what the message says, which is harmful for all customers, regardless of the telephone company providing the service. This is precisely what iOS 15 iPhone tries to fight. 

This new operating system update for iPhone cell phones aims to filter messages of this type and prevent consumers from being disturbed by it. On the other hand, this function is a big problem for telephone operators.

Understand what “class 0” SMS are and see why telephone companies use this feature so much for advertising  

Created to help Brazilians, the SMS “class 0” is a type of electronic message that aims to issue alerts about emergency situations, such as natural disasters, warnings of heavy rains, landslides, among other matters of high relevance to the population.

However, as it is a type of message that can be sent quickly and appears directly on the user's cell phone screen, telephone operators use this feature to sell plans and offer services that customers usually have no intention of contracting.

This means that more and more people have complaints to make about spam messages, in addition to damaging the relationship between consumers and telephone companies. Thanks to this new iOS 15 iPhone feature, operators will have the chance to implement healthier ways to advertise. 

Image Meet the new iOS 15 iPhone system [Internet Playback]
Image: Meet the new iOS 15 iPhone system [Internet Reproduction]

Learn about other functions that the iPhone operating system update will offer

In addition to investing in combating messages classified as spam, the update to the new iOS 15 iPhone system will also provide other benefits for users. Learn a little better about the features that will be offered to Apple consumers:

  • Several improvements for those who use FaceTime video calls, such as audio improvement, link sharing, grid view or portrait mode;
  • It will now be possible to share screens from your iPhone and watch movies and series with friends;
  • The microphone of iPhone cell phones will feature an intelligent system that improves audio quality in video calls and makes the experience of virtual conversations more realistic for users;
  • Notifications will now have a new look, much more modern and with personalized summaries so that users can check a brief presentation of the content. 

One of the most noteworthy features in the iOS 15 iPhone update is the functionality mode focus, whose main objective is to filter notifications from applications on the user's cell phone to help him concentrate more during his day-to-day tasks. 

This functionality can be configured manually or through artificial intelligence so that iPhone users do not receive distracting notifications during working hours, for example. Have you ever imagined how beneficial this can be for organizing your appointments?

Will all users have to install the new iOS 15 iPhone system? 

This is a question for many iPhone cell phone users, as it is also a concern for people who use older smartphone models. Did you know that it is not always recommended to update your cell phone system?  

You've probably noticed that over the years your smartphone no longer has the same performance as when it left the store. This happens for many reasons, but when the user continues to update the operating system, the cell phone becomes slower. 

Thinking about problems like this, the new iOS 15 iPhone system update will be available for users with iPhone 6S and newer models. The release of this update is estimated to take place between the September and October 2021

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