WhatsApp Business – Meet the Tools for Businesses


One of the great means of communication today is WhatsApp Business, it is widely used by those who have a service or product and it greatly facilitates negotiation between people who work with the internet. In other words, with the Business version of the application, the sale of products is much more active.

In addition, WhatsApp Business offers many tools that differentiate it from normal WhatsApp, such as: Responding to messages faster, classifying and automating the application. Even though it is a tool aimed at companies and businesses, its main mission is to bring users around the world closer together.


To let users well informed with the type of account he is communicating with, it is possible to know if it is a WhatsApp for a normal user or WhatsApp Business. Therefore, the user has at his disposal the creation of a profile with a valid and updated E-mail or Gmail address and the descriptions of his business.

Another important feature of the application is that the user can create an automatic message showing those who contact his absence or even answer frequent questions that are part of the context of his business. See here in this article how to install and use WhatsApp Business.

How to Edit in WhatsApp Business

To transform a normal WhatsApp account into WhatsApp Business, you need to go through some steps that are part of the configuration. There are 3 types of accounts available to users:

1 - Confirmed: In this mode, WhatsApp can confirm the phone number is the same as the company's. For the “Confirmed” option, the color that WhatsApp has set is the gray icon.

2 - Verified: This type of account is when WhatsApp is able to verify that a certain account has an original brand. Verified accounts get a green icon.

3 – Business account: This field template is used when a company's data is installed and therefore bears the name of WhatsApp Business. In the version, it does not say that the message was verified or confirmed. Business accounts have a gray icon with a question mark.

It is important to remember that the company cannot make payments to have a verified or confirmed account. That is, the verification of a company presents verifications in different ways, and one of them is whether its brand already has good knowledge. For business accounts, WhatsApp must have the same phone number.

How Quick Replies Work in WhatsApp Business

One of the most important benefits of WhatsApp Business is the quick responses it provides users. In this way, users can save frequently sent messages and use them as a means of communication, for delivery time, values for the service performed and payment methods.

We separate a brief step by step on how to register quick responses in the application, see how it works:

  1. Access the three-point menu;
  2. Click on “Settings”;
  3. Click on “Company Settings”;
  4. It is now possible to choose to edit three different message types: Away, quick and greeting message;
  5. Tap (+) to add a new message, in addition messages can contain text and emojis.

WhatsApp Business App Stickers

With WhatsApp Business tags, you can strategically organize everything that involves your business, such as contacts, conversations with tags that make it easy to find them. To use this option, here's how to do it:

  1. Click on settings;
  2. Click on “Labels”;
  3. The labels are as follows: New order, new customer, pending payment and finalized order;
  4. To create the labels just click on (+) and the color is automatic;
  5. Select the desired conversation and click on “Add tag to conversation”;
  6. Choose a tag to use in that particular conversation;
  7. The user can change the labels whenever necessary.

This is the information that will facilitate the installation and way of using the WhatsApp Business application.

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