3 Important Tips for Being Approved in the Public Contest


Have you ever thought about participating in a public tender? They are considered by many to be the best alternative for you to get a good job (in the most varied areas of the job market), with good remuneration.

A public tender, because it has several advantages, is very competitive, for this reason, it is essential that you prepare in the best possible way. And the preparation in question, addresses, your registration and registration, in addition to, of course, a good study.


Although the search for approval in a public tender is something quite difficult, not only because of the large number of interested people, but also because of the content covered, we have already emphasized that it is something totally possible, not least because the position you will occupy in the future will reward all the effort .

Therefore, if you want to get the three best and also important tips on how to study to take any public exam, we suggest that you continue reading and checking all the content that this brief and explanatory article has to offer.

How a Public Tender Works

Before we can present tips on how to prepare for the public tender, it is worth mentioning briefly how it works.

As you may already know, the public tender consists of a test, in which you are evaluated for the occupation of a certain vacancy that is open, in some public office.

Public tenders can be offered either by the city hall of your municipality or by a specific government body.

Although their conditions vary greatly, there are usually some requirements that do not change, depending on the position, such as being over 18 years old and also having a technical or higher education in a certain area.

Generally, when you apply for a public tender, you are running for a temporary position, which can vary between 1 or two years.

However, most of them are subject to having this period repeated.

In public tender tests, in addition to agreeing on specific knowledge of the area you want to work in, questions are also asked about the Portuguese language, mathematics, logical reasoning, geography, among others.

3 Important Tips for Being Approved in the Public Contest

As we have made clear, although the public tender is difficult, it is not impossible, it all depends on how you prepare for it.

Preparation is a foundation, so check out some tips below:

Tip 1: Create a plan for your studies

Planning is basically a mapping of how you will carry out your studies for a given test.

The planning in question should have enough time for you to study what you need during the day, without getting exhausted and frustrated even before showing your potential in the contest.

This planning must be done months before the test, so you will have enough time to adapt to it and also change it if necessary.

Another issue that enters this area of planning is to define when each subject will be addressed.

The interesting thing is that you always alternate them, so you can know in a short term, a little bit of everything.

But obviously, the fundamental thing is that you plan ahead with enough time to know everything you need.

Tip 2: Address relevant content

Although it is essential for you to know everything about all subjects for you to do well in the public tender, it is still important to only consider relevant issues.

In other words, for your planning to be really effective, it's essential that you don't waste time studying what you already know.

A maximum of one review is recommended.

Even because for some, reviewing all the content you already know, even more studying alone, can end up confusing you.

Tip 3: Don't just focus on theoretical study

Although some people are more comfortable with the theoretical study, it is interesting to alternate it with the “practical” study.

The practical study in this case is about the application of exercises.

Thus, you will strengthen your memory, and also, you will be more prepared for possible questions that can be applied in the public tender test.

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