Financial Management for Companies – Free Course and Certificate


Having trouble running your business? So meet the Financial Management Course for Companies, free and with a digital certificate from Sebrae. This is a short-term distance learning option that anyone can participate in. 

Opening a business nowadays, whether you are a micro or small entrepreneur, is something that requires knowledge and good management so that the company's planning does not get lost along the way. Unfortunately, many ventures end up being closed in the early years. 


Bearing in mind this reality in the country, the Financial Management Course for Companies aims to reach small business owners and artisans, but the classes are not exclusive to just these categories. Find out more about the course below!

Sebrae offers a quick course with Financial Management techniques for Companies

With a clear and accessible language, the Financial Management Course for Companies of Sebrae is available on the entity's official website. Users just need to register on the platform and register online to gain access to short-term classes.

In all, there are 3 hours of course and participants can complete all the material in up to 15 days. Once this is done, a free 100% certificate with authenticity verification will be available for the user to download, at no additional cost. 

As we mentioned earlier, this type of course is aimed at small entrepreneurs and people who work with handicrafts. All the knowledge passed through the classes aims to teach how the entrepreneur can control your finances in a simple way.

Understand a little about what Financial Management is and why it is important for business owners

When an entrepreneur opens his first company or even when he starts working as a freelancer, one of the main objectives is to make the business work and that profits start to increase. However, without good planning this becomes much more difficult. 

The Financial Management Course for Companies brings together strategies that help maintain control of finances and better manage profits. This is essential for the small business to avoid unnecessary expenses and keep expenses under control.

Learning about financial management will make you take more assertive decisions about your enterprise. These decisions, ranging from the purchase of material, choice of suppliers, to the planning of investments that need to be made.

Understand what is Financial Management for Companies
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Learn about the modules covered in the Financial Management for Companies course 

Now that you already have a basic notion of what financial management is, it is important that we present what subjects will be covered in Sebrae's online course. In all, there are 4 modules for the entrepreneur to better understand the subject, see what they are:

  • Importance of financial management;
  • Cash flow;
  • Controlling cash flow;
  • Inventory control and analysis.

All these topics will be explained in the Financial Management Course for Companies in an objective way and with accessible language, so that all types of people can understand and make the most of the content offered online.

If you've never heard of any of these 4 modules, no problem, the intention of the Sebrae course is precisely to teach the basic concepts of financial management. Also check out other free courses recommended by 4Lifeup. 

Check out other courses that are available on the Sebrae website

The Financial Management Course for Companies can be an excellent option for you to start studying more about the area of entrepreneurship. However, still on the Sebrae website, there are several other courses that are offered for free and with a short duration.

Among the most popular courses are: Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs, Customer Service, Basic Fundamentals for Creating Businesses, Entrepreneurship in Schools, Life and Career Plan, among other matters. 

Other free services offered by Sebrae are ebooks (digital books), online lectures, workshops and complete articles with tips and guidelines for growing your business. Don't waste any more time, enroll in the Financial Management Course for Companies today! 

Learn how to enroll in Sebrae's free online course

If you've never accessed Sebrae's online platform, it is important to know that there are several free courses for you to increase your knowledge in the area of finance, business and business management. Furthermore, it is very easy to register.

The first step for new users is to access the desired course page and click on "Sign up". Right after doing this, you will be redirected to the Login page of the site and, as this is your first access, you must click on "Register".

Once this is done, some personal data will be requested, such as your CPF number, first and last name, gender, date of birth, zip code, state, e-mail and password. After filling all this information your registration will be active, enjoy!

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