Free Online Courses with Certificate – Here's How to Secure Yours


Let's meet the free online courses with certificate, as many people want to take certain courses, but currently do not have the financial resources to complete the course. The fact that the course is free does not mean that it will not have a certificate.

With the arrival of the pandemic approximately two years ago, the demand for online courses skyrocketed, both for paid courses and for free courses, however, the major concern of students is how to have the certificate of completion of the course in question.


Many people had to reinvent themselves, through free online courses with certificate, in this way, it was possible to start a new profession and have a new source of income, given that the pandemic has impacted almost all existing professions.

Free Online Courses with Certificate
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Free online courses with certificate

The first tip to access the free online course is to look for it in the competent bodies such as "Sebrae" and Unicamp, among others. For this reason, before looking for a free course, it is necessary to do a good search on "Google", considering that there are several options today.

However, it is necessary to look for well-known institutions, as there are many people who partially offer the content, but then the student has to buy the course, so it is not free. Look for consolidated and famous institutions like Sebrae, for example, where you will have a wide range of professional courses, online, free and with certificate.

Be careful with unknown companies, as they may just be wanting to sell you courses, you must also identify the course content, as well as the workload and also understand the certifications that the course offers, whether they are free or not.

Free online course with certificate advantages

  • The first big advantage is being able to access professional knowledge without leaving home.
  • Another important advantage is in relation to expenses, because the course is completely online, there is no expense with gasoline, parking, food or any other external expense.
  • Another advantage is that we can specifically choose the course we want to take, considering that today there is a wide range of offers in the best known institutions, from simpler courses to more advanced courses.
  • Another interesting advantage is acquiring new knowledge, whether to open a new business or to improve an existing business.

Best courses

Among the most popular courses, when it comes to taking a free online course, we can undoubtedly list the following: graphic designer, virtual assistant, sewing, secretarial, digital marketing, among others. It's worth checking out up close.

The important thing is that you choose a course that has to do with what you like to do, because that way, you will learn faster and it will be a pleasure for you to work, because you will be doing what you like. For this reason, care must be taken when choosing a course.

After choosing your course, be it online or not, free or paid, it is necessary for the student to dedicate himself, that is, to have the discipline to fulfill the course load as well as to focus on learning, in order to be able to earn income after graduation. completion of the course, and be able to pay your bills.

Are online courses good?

This is a good question, as many users end up buying courses, or even taking free courses from institutions that have no relevance in the market, therefore, it is not much use to have a certificate, since it is not a well-regarded course in the market. National market.

Now, if you are taking a free online course, in a qualified institution, well known by students, teachers, by the job market, it is certainly worth taking an online course, it is worth remembering that some people prefer to take face-to-face courses , perhaps because of the proximity to the teachers.

The rule is the following, if you choose a good institution, choose a course that has to do with the things you like, then you complete the entire course load, without a doubt, you will be able to make an income through of this learning, either for your own business or working in other companies in your niche.

course apps

There are specific platforms that have applications to facilitate the student's study and learning, however, one must also be careful when looking for course applications in their accredited virtual stores, as there are malicious applications.

Generally, the large institutions of free online courses, or even those that charge for the service, have very interesting, intuitive applications that are super easy to use. For more information about courses and applications, visit our apps category.

Good luck!

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