How to Speak English in 30 Days – See Online Classes


Speaking English is the dream of many people, in addition, it is extremely important to learn a new language, because the need for communication may arise at any time. Especially because in the development of a professional career, companies are increasingly demanding training from candidates for vacancies and English is part of the requirements.

Many people still don't know, but currently there are several means of learning that make the process of speaking English too easy. And with the internet increasingly contextualized in our lifestyle, let's talk here in this article about the app that teaches you to speak English in 30 days, with quality online classes.


There are several app options that teach you to speak English in 30 days, they work with audios that translate correctly and easily to learn and above all for free. That is, you will not incur any kind of cost to develop the language, but the results depend exclusively on your dedication.

Therefore, if you are interested in learning English, but still cannot afford a private school, or even lack the time to dedicate yourself to the course in person, we recommend reading this text, here you will know how to install and use the application that teaches you to speak English in just 30 days, check it out:

What App Teach English

The application used to teach English to users is Fala Inglês com Português, its mission is to teach students in a period of 30 days to speak the basics of English. However, it only has functionality if the student dedicates himself daily to studying and using the application.

To ensure a good service, the app that teaches you how to speak English has a specific chapter that does pronunciations in English. The app's content is super fun, making the class easy to understand and consequently the student ends up learning more easily, and above all without having an overly tiring class.

Another important feature of the application is that it is designed for beginners. That is, if the student understands and gets excited about the language, he can serve as an incentive for enrolling in an advanced course with higher levels. Those interested in installing it can find it on the App Store.

For those who have doubts about the quality of the application that teaches English, currently users already exceed 53 thousand, and the score they give in the App Store, for example, is 4.8, an excellent number for an application that operates in the information niche. .

How to Install the Application That Teaches English

As with all applications, there is a procedure that must be done correctly for the application that teaches English. To facilitate its installation, we have prepared a detailed step-by-step that will show how it can be downloaded, check it out:

Step 1 – Access the Play Store and search for: “Speak English with Portuguese – speak English in 30 days”;

step 2 – Now click on “Install”;

step 3 – After the download is done, click on “Open”;

step 4 - Ready! It is already possible to have access to all the content offered by the platform.

As we can see it is an easy procedure, the great advantage of the application that teaches you to speak English is that it has no cost. In addition, it offers quality for those who want to learn the language online.

Why is it important to speak English these days?

As we all know, there are several reasons that show the importance of learning English nowadays. One of the main reasons is precisely the job market, those who speak English are more likely to get a job or even be approved in a selective process of a public tender with a high salary.

1 – Professional Development: Those who learn English are always learning new things. That is, they are developing to train themselves more professionally every day and show that they want to “grow”.

2 – Easier communication: Those who learn English find it much easier to communicate with other people from different parts of the world. There are more than 400 million people who speak natively and more than 300 million people who learn, which makes life easier in many aspects, such as commerce, for example.

3 – Opportunity to Study in Other Countries: For those who want to learn English, one of the great advantages is being able to study in another country. That way, professional development will be much more advanced over the years and the results will be much better too.

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