Discover 3 Free Courses at ETEC


Currently, the job market is increasingly demanding with an academic background of the citizen who wants to join a certain company. For this reason, it is essential that we always fill our curricula with qualifying courses.

When we searched the internet, we found a wide range of free courses, which, on top of that, not expanding a large bureaucracy for you to join, making our lives much easier, right? It is interesting to note that in addition to enhancing your curriculum, the courses can also help you with other issues.


One of these issues, by which I am referring, is the qualification to open your own business, with courses related to both entrepreneurship and administration, as well as sales, makeup, cooking, IT, or any other area that you are interested in.

One of the most available educational institutions for offering free courses is ETEC, which stands for State Technical School. Therefore, if you want to know a little about it and also, three free courses that it offers, check out all the content that this article has to offer!

What is ETEC?

The State Technical School, which goes by the acronym ETEC, is an educational institution located in several municipalities around the entire state of São Paulo. This institution, in addition to offering specialized courses, also offers high school education.

One of the main reasons why many people always look for ETEC to attend high school is because it is ranked first in the national Enem exams. In addition, its students achieve excellent results in entrance exams for the best Public Universities in the country.

In order for you to enter it, you must obtain a positive result in your Vestibulinho, which is a test applied twice a year. The content that is covered in this test are all those that must be learned during elementary school.

Who can study at an ETEC Educational Institution?

To be part of the group of students who occupy ETEC's high school classrooms, one must first have completed elementary school.

To enroll in a technical course offered by the institution, you can be studying both the 2nd and 3rd year of high school, except of course, in specific courses that require complete secondary education.

Discover 3 Free Courses at ETEC

The State Technical School, as we already know, is quite prestigious among students, since in addition to offering excellent quality education, it also has a wide range of technical courses.

And above all, the technical courses in question have no cost, which means that you can both increase your curriculum and open your own business more easily. Therefore, check out three options for free technical courses offered by ETEC below:

Course 1: Administration: at ETEC, such a course lasts one and a half years, which in turn is divided into three modules, each lasting six months.

When you complete module 1: you will be awarded the Administrative Assistant Mid Level Technical Professional Qualification.

When you complete module 2: you will be awarded the Administrative Assistant Mid Level Technical Professional Qualification. Upon completion of the course: you receive your Professional Qualification of Technical in Administration.

Course 2: Computing for the Internet: in this case, the technical course student may also be attending high school. The journey is up to 40 weekly classes, 8 per day.

At the end of the course, you will also have completed high school, as well as a diploma in Internet Computing valid throughout Brazil.

Course 3: Marketing:  With this technical course, you will be able to plan and implement sales actions and market actions, as well as analyze sales, prices and products. To join it, you may be attending the 2nd or 3rd year of high school.

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