Cartola Pro Application – Check Prices and Benefits


O Cartola Pro app is increasingly full of benefits and with super affordable prices for those who love to follow football and interact with the Brazilian championship virtually. And for 2021, Cartola is expected to reach new records for participants in the Brasileirão edition.

This is because cardholders will continue to compete for prizes that are part of the platform, such as more than 60,000 shopping vouchers that were drawn in the 2020 edition. But it is worth remembering that only PRO version participants are entitled to compete for prizes and benefits of Cartola FC.


And as Brazilians are passionate about football and engagement on the internet is more and more present in people's lives, we recommend that you carefully read the tips that will be passed on here in this text. They will certainly help you download the Cartola PRO application and have access to all its benefits.

What is Cartola PRO and How does it work?

Incredible as it may seem, Cartola FC is one of the first digital products to emerge, it was in 2004 that the founders launched the platform that over the years gained space in the market. Currently Cartola FC is a real success that breaks records of participants every year.

It is an electronic game linked to fantasy football, a game that works artificially but with people who follow football and have access to the assembly of teams in each round of the Brazilian championship. In other words, it is an integration between the virtual world and football in real life.

The functioning of Cartola FC is based on the performance of each player in each round of the Brazilian championship. Where the results are used in matches and the scores of teams and athletes in real life are transformed into virtual results and points being passed to participants who climb their teams.

Cartola PRO Application – Check Prices

Currently almost everything is done through Apps, and the Cartola PRO application is one of the digital products most interacted with in the virtual market. The PRO version has a value of R$ 49.90 reais, valid for the entire football season in Brazil.

Those interested in hiring can make the payment through a credit or debit card or, if they prefer, with a bank slip with the due date and amount.

But it can also be done in installments, where the platform divides up to 7 times the value of R$ 7.13 per month until the end of the Brazilian championship. But for those who have already participated in the PRO version, there is a discount and you only pay R$ 39.90 for the plan.

Cartola PRO Application – See the Benefits

For those who hire the PRO version of the Cartola application, the benefits make a lot of difference in the participation in the games and consequently influence the scoring results of the virtual players, such as:

1 – Participants have access to up to 7 football leagues, while in the free version it is only in one competition. And currently PRO can create their own league without captain.

2 -Another benefit of the Cartola PRO application is the possibility for participants to customize the uniforms of their assigned teams. With them, the player chooses the colors, shields and decorations that make the characteristics of his team the way you want.

3 – In addition, the prizes of the participants in the PRO version are very good, in the last edition the great champion won R$ 20 thousand reais in prizes worth buying, double the previous edition, the runner-up won R$ 5 thousand while the 3rd place took R 3 thousand reais in prizes.

4 – There are also monthly prizes for the winners who get the best in the dispute between 30 consecutive days. Monthly PRO League winners are guaranteed R$ 5k each. And, in each round, the top 30 are rewarded with amounts between R$ 200 and R$ 3,5 thousand reais.

What it takes to participate in Cartola FC

Although Cartola FC is a platform that guarantees fun and interactivity over the internet, it has rules where participants must follow them strictly to continue having access to the game, such as:

1 – You must be over 18 years of age. In this way, participants have access to the exclusive promotions that are part of the platform, with a period determined by Cartola FC, in 2020, it took place between 07/21/2020 to 12/15/2020.

2 – It is also necessary for the participant to read the entire Cartola regulation, for that he needs to access the website All promotions for PRO version players are well explained on the website.

3 – Obtain the game’s legal certificates: SECAP – ME authorization certificate that guarantees the draw modality to participants with number 04.008578/2020. And the authorization certificate with modality number:03.008568/2020

As soon as the 2021 ads are officially launched by the platform, participants will already have access to the registration, those who were PRO in 2020 just need to renew the plan and those who want to become PRO in 2021 will need to fulfill the game requirements to be entitled to the Cartola PRO application with its benefits.

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