Follow Olympics 2021 online


The Olympics finally started! Do you know how to follow the Olympics 2021 online? Technology really helps us a lot, as there are many users who are working, but can have their cell phone in their hands, that way being able to take a peek at everything that happens in the Olympics.

Guess who came out ahead? The giant Google! She prepared a gigantic coverage for this planetary event! Users will be able to follow the scores directly in the Google search system, as happens in Brazilian and world football, for example.


follow the Olympics 2021 online, is a luxury offered by the modern age. In the old days, you had to be in front of a television, that was the only way to follow the biggest sporting event on the planet, or else through the radio, where it was only possible to listen to what was happening.

Olympics 2021 online
Image: (Google) Olympics 2021 online

Olympics 2021 online

Through this Google tool, the user will be able to stay on top of all the results, as well as the medal table and all the most important information about the 2021 Olympics, which takes place in Tokyo, Japan, it is worth staying tuned if you are very fond of sports!

One of the most fantastic novelties offered by Google is through one of its main tools, "street views", which will bring news from the 2021 Olympics, so you can take a completely virtual tour of the main streets of Tokyo.

It is possible to access the mountains, the cave formations, in addition to the cities that contain a lot of history and culture. And the best part, now you can see it all without leaving your home. It is also possible to learn more about Japanese handicrafts, and also to learn more about its unmistakable cuisine.

Olympics 2021 online – It pays to follow

If you are passionate about world sports and cannot follow the vast majority of sports in the Olympics, because you are working in a place where there is no television, without a doubt, following the Olympics through Google is a good way out.

It is possible to know all the results in real time as well as the medal table and the results of collective sports, for example. So even if you're at work and need a quick look at your phone, just head over to Google to see the latest results from the 2021 Olympics.

If you want to watch the 2021 Olympics completely online, you can follow through the broadcaster's applications, such as "Globo Play", or even through "IPTV" applications, where through subscriptions, you can follow all sports channels, such as ”Fox Sports”, ”SporTV”, ”Band sports” among others.

Key features of Google in the Olympics

  • It is possible to follow the results of collective sports in real time.
  • It is possible to follow the medal table in real time.
  • It is possible to access the streets of Tokyo, as well as access the main sources of culture, crafts and cuisine. All this without leaving home, through the "Street View" tool.

Olympics in the Pandemic

Indeed, the 2021 Olympics will go down in history, as never before had we held a world event, in the midst of a pandemic. With advanced vaccination, and with all care and guidance from the World Health Organization, the Olympic games are being held.

At the opening, for example, both the people who would take part in the opening, as well as the representatives of the country delegations, were extremely reduced in the presentation of the opening. The event was almost without an audience, with only a few authorities, quite insignificant compared to the audience that followed the openings of previous Olympics.

The 2021 Olympic Games serve as a warning that we are part of a single planet, where everyone should help everyone else, where a problem is everyone's problem, when our planet becomes aware of this, we will certainly never again have to go through other humanitarian crises and financial issues like the one that now plagues us.

How to follow the Olympics through Google

If you want to follow the Olympics through Google, that is, follow the medal table, as well as the results in individual or collective sports, be it swimming, tennis, soccer, or any other sport, just access Google and you can access the results through the search.

From then on, Google will show you some results and the main news about the Olympics directly on your cell phone. It is worth remembering that if you want to watch the Olympics online, you will really need to use an IPTV application, in order to have access to the main sports channels through subscriptions.

For more information about the Olympic Games, or to understand more about current technology, visit the ”apps” from our blog. Good luck!

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