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Do you really know all the advantages of Uber? Of course, every citizen of the world today knows about Uber, given that it operates in the vast majority of cities in the world, however, there are some interesting particularities that we can know.

The company's great revolution was to facilitate people's transport, not only in speed, but also in price, considering that taxis around the world have always been very expensive, in which case transport via Uber ends up being up to 50% cheaper than a conventional taxi.


Not to mention the speed of Uber, the application has an absurd artificial intelligence! In just a few minutes you can find the nearest car to take you to your destination faster and cheaper! It really is a very well thought out app.

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Uber features

Perhaps the secret of Uber's Success, in addition to those mentioned above, is the ability to do something that is good for the driver and good for the passenger, in this way everyone ended up embracing the company, because for the driver it brings income, and for the passenger, agility and price.

The idea of classifying drivers by their service, the cleanliness of the car, the speed at which it travels, as well as the service, certainly made people become better service providers, offering passengers a quality service.

Not to mention that due to the major economic and financial crisis caused by the pandemic, many people became unemployed around the world, and thousands or perhaps millions of these people ended up choosing to be an app driver, in order to get some form of income.

Uber options

The application was really developed and thought for all applications, when you enter the destination address, the application gives you the option of choosing a normal, luxury, utility car, or you can make your trip by motorcycle, which is the cheapest way that the platform offers.

Another interesting feature of the application is being able to add stops to your destination, for that you need to put your trip in the order in which it will happen, first at the first stop and then put the second place then the third, and so on. on.

If you make a trip with more stops, naturally the value will go up, however, experience shows that the values change very little, even at stops a little further from your destination, so it is good to check everything correctly, before travel.

Does it pay to be an Uber driver?

The vast majority of people who are Uber drivers also end up registering on other platforms such as 99, for example, or even Cabify, in order to have more chances of getting rides. It is certainly worth joining Uber, as it is the main one in this segment.

However, it is necessary to check that you have your vehicle up to date, as well as your CNH and all the documentation related to you and your vehicle, it is also worth remembering that the would-be Uber driver cannot have a criminal record, as this invalidates your registration.

If you are a focused person, and manage to work every day, saving money from profit, separating gasoline and maintenance money, you will certainly be able to have an average income of around r$ 4000 per month, however it is necessary discipline and work.

Advantages of using Uber

  • Speed and agility in travel.
  • Safety and comfort for passengers.
  • Extra income for drivers or unemployed people.
  • Saving time and money to solve everyday problems.

How to download the app

If you want to be an Uber driver, or if you are interested in moving around cities through the platform, just go to the stores accredited to your system, in the case of Android the Play Store, and in the case of Apple it is the Apple Store, just so you can access the app.

There you can find the application quickly and simply, just download and install, everything is very simple and fast, then just register as a driver or passenger. For more information about amazing apps, visit our app category!

Good luck!

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