Jobs in IT – Find out how to apply throughout Brazil


Are you unemployed? want to search vacancies in IT? Bingo! So you are in the right place! Throughout this article, we will deal with all the details of vacancies for IT, mainly in the city of Campinas, however, candidates from all over Brazil can apply for these vacancies.

Without a doubt, this sector is very profitable, and over the years, in addition to growing, it has been more valued, it is possible to have a good salary working in IT. For this very reason, it is worth preparing yourself and applying for the main vacancies in the country, because only then will you be able to get a good job.


The search for vacancies in IT, is something much searched for on Google, because currently, this niche market has offered opportunities to candidates who are preparing, considering that it takes a little experience and also knowledge in the area, to get the best opportunities.

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Jobs in IT - Details

”Ícaro Tech”, ”Softist” and ”Sensedia”, all companies located in Campinas, opened vacancies for IT professionals, whether they are in internships, or graduates or recent graduates. It is worth remembering that these three companies are duly certified by GPTW.

For this reason, vacancies can be filled by people who want to work in a Home Office format. Therefore, many candidates have been looking for this opportunity, as working from home, nowadays, has been paramount, in view of the pandemic that still plagues us.

It should be noted that although working at home is really a great option, the person must have the discipline, commitment and competence to fulfill all daily obligations. So even if you really want to work, this really is a great opportunity.

Opportunity Ícaro Tech – Vacancies in IT 

The company Ícaro Tech, which specializes in digital transformation through automation, has opened vacancies for IT software engineers. You can compete for the following positions: data analyst, account executive, support analyst, systems analyst, systems automation software developer, full stack developer, in addition to other opportunities.

The company also has a fantastic program for people who want to do internships, the internships have well-established partnerships with universities or even with some technical education institutions, which aim to train students in the area, whether in computer engineering or computer science .

The great news is that all vacancies offered can be contemplated in Campinas working directly in the company, or even a hybrid system where the candidate can perform his work in both ways, physically at the company, and at home in Home format Office.

Sensedia Opportunity 

The company is a multinational that works in the area of innovation and technology, so you can be a consultant, engineer, or work in support and operations. It really is a golden opportunity, in view of the financial crisis we are experiencing.

The company is looking for people with talent in the areas of human resources, administration, marketing and sales. The company really offers a good job option for people who want to work entirely in a Home Office regime, enjoying all the advantages.

It is worth remembering that the company also offers some benefits, such as a dental plan, food, health plan, day care assistance, meal vouchers, life insurance and even offers its employees direct profit sharing and also profit sharing.

Advantages of the technology sector

  • Sector on the rise, still with potential for growth.
  • Salaries Above the average of conventional markets.
  • Possibility of working at Home Office.
  • Possibility of working in hybrid systems.
  • In addition to good wages, profit sharing.
  • You can work in this area by taking technical courses.

How to search for jobs

If you really want to get a new job, the tip is to specialize, in the case of this article we are talking about people who work with technology, however, if you still don't work with technology, the tip is to take a technical course, which in addition to be faster, it may bring satisfactory results.

If you don't want to work in the area, you can search for other vacancies on the internet, the tip is to look for consolidated companies, and that offer direct vacancies, either in your city, or throughout Brazil through the Home Office system. For more information visit our apps category.

Good luck!

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